Sør øst i Romania hvor Dobrogea møter Donaudalen fant den franske vineksperten Marc Dworkin et område hvor sol, vann, og jordsmonn formet en perfekt harmoni for vinproduksjon. Sammen med den tyske vinentusiasten og foretningsmannen, Dr. Karl Heinz Hauptmann besluttet de å utnytte dette område til produksjon av kvalitetsvin. Vingården Alira Wines of Romania ble derfor etablert i dette området.

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They say it takes more than a hammer and nails to make a house. Just like it takes more than grapes and barrels to make a good wine. One needs passion, love, skills, knowledge and a land that combines sun, water and soil in a perfect harmony.

Such a place is where ALIRA wines capture their essence from. A countryside in Romania where the heat from Dobrogea meets the valley of the Old Danube, forming the perfect alliance necessary for great viticulture. Wine-making has been an old tradition in this area.

A revival took place a decade ago, when the famous French wine expert Marc Dworkin foresaw the strength and the complexity of wine produced from these local vines. Together with wine enthusiast and businessman, Dr. Karl Heinz Hauptmann, Dworkin decided to change the face of the Romanian wine and the arid lands at Aliman, by developing a viticulture-viniculture project here, as part of an international program also involving Bessa Valley, Bulgaria and Chateau 9 Peaks, China. The purpose is to produce wine based on the bordelaise philosophy, while respecting the Romanian local specifics.

The wine was named “ALIRA”, as a tribute given to the communities of Aliman and Rasova, near which the new vineyard was planted. This bond between the Romanian terroir and the inspiration of a great wine expert has revealed its potential from the very moment when the first wine was launched on the market – “ALIRA” Merlot 2009. A genuine “iron fist in a velvet glove”, regarding the transparent way in which it displays fullness and density difficult to be found in any other Romanian Merlots. The wines that have followed, either blends or varietals, met the expectations. Be it a Cabernet Sauvignon or Fetească Neagră, Rose, Tribun or the Cuvée, be it the high-end range named ALIRA Grand Vin, wine tasters have experienced the passion, dedication, competence in the glass and, above all, a great wine.

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